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Fra: Louise Pettersson<louise.pettersson@delta.telenordia.se> Dato: Man d. 23. Jul 2001 1:54am
Emne: Genoa Social Forum Pressconference

Press Conference, GSF, 22 July 2001
by IMC reporter 11:03pm Sun Jul 22 '01 (Modified on 12:41am Mon Jul 23 '01)

Press connference by the Genoa Social Forum July 22, 2001. The conference was broadcast live by RadioGap and simultaneously translated by several people from Italian to English in an irc chat room.

live from the press conference of gsf

testimonial: a lawyer

the lawyer is reading a comunique. he said his group was there to be certain that rights of protester were
granted. he describe the demos as great. he is protesting against the fact that the lawyers were not allowed inside the school. he said that the lawyers used 3 computers in the indymedia room. he said after police raid their computers were broken and data stolen. he said that among stolen data were the names of all lawyers and all transcripts of reports the lawyers collected.

coordinator of medical service

we decided to publicly state all we saw during the demo. what we saw before last night was nothing compared to the raid. we were inside school. we were preparing reports; all was quiet. police came in and started to beat everyone that was around the school. police entered. police started beating people inside. we were shocked at the screams we heard. police arrived in medical room. they checked our papers. when they let us go after an our [HOUR?] we discovered that the lawyers' pc's were raided. then ambulances arrived. we were prevented from checking the status of anyone. when police left we entered the building. all the building was covered in blood. we were slipping in the blood stains when entering in school. we walked around the building, slipping in pools of blood. we were the first entering in there, after having being stopped for one hour. the police blitz of yesterday is contrary to a state based upon right and brings us in a climate of terror. we witnessed a beating of a girl in front of our eyes. she had been beaten by police, then stood up to run away, then police ran after her; 4 of them beat her again.

[people are crying at the press conference]

next day. girl is in bad condition.
these cases are documented.
via corridoni. 3 girls sitting on a brick wall. they were grabbed and thrown off the brick wall. a man that was in the courtyard where the girl fell. rescued them and brought them in his house. only then police left. we had a identifying tag.

we had a truck with red cross painted on. the truck was stopped by police many times during the demo. yesterday a policeman broke the window of our truck and trew a flare (or teargas inside).

[people are crying and clapping hands]

this is for remembering who gave something into what injustice happened. it wil keep on with media. we will not forget. we will never forget what