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Fra: Louise Pettersson<louise.pettersson@delta.telenordia.se>
Dato: Fre d. 15. Jun 2001 9:19am
Emne: Nyhetsbrev 14

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1.Rapporter angående händelserna i Göteborg i går
A. People from across the Europe take refuge from the terror tatctics of the swedishpolice, "Meddelande inifrån Hvitfeldska"
B. Polisen blockerar Hvitfeldska skolan, IMC
C. Demonstranter gripna efter utbrytningsförsök, IMC
D. Motkrafts nyhetsbrev nr 119

* Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet stormat
* Göteborg visade röven för USA:s president
*10 000 i demonstration mot George W Bush
* Repression riktas mot utländska aktivister
2. Polisen trappar upp inför Göteborg, saxat från Motkraft 118 3. Praktiskt. Sammanställning från Motkraft 118
4. Nyhetsbrevet Motkraft
5. Länktips från Offensiv


We are people who have travelled from across Europé to protest against the European Union Summit, and the visit of the illegitimate president of the United States, George Bush, which are taking place in Gothenburg over the following days.

We are being forced to abandon the place where we have been staying, the Hvitfeldska Gymnasium, as this morning there was an unnannounced attempt to forcefully enter the building by several hundred fully equipped and armed riot police. We do not consider ourselves to be safe in this building, as it is the site of intense political repression on unarmed individuals and groups who are coming to assert our political views. We do not believe that we are safe in this school, as we are isolated from wider societey there. Neither do we believe that we will be allowed to exercise our right to protest tomorrow at the EU summit, if we remain. As such, we are political refugees, and have no other option but to leave.

The police are attempting to label us as terrorists, but we are simply attempting to exercise our political rights, and seeking to build alternatives to the current genocidal capitalist world system. We are not armed, but actively exert the right to protecting our bodies and property from police attacks. It is the police who are the terrorists. An essential part of the current global order, defined by the EU and George Bush, and other institutions, such as the Word Bank, the World Trade Organisation and NATO, is to attempt to criminalise dissent, through repression and violence. State repression is an essential part of this system, and we do not accept it.

As a result of this, we are going to sleep in a public place in the centre of Gothenburg, and we call upon people in Gothenburg to offer us active protection from the political repression we are suffering. We also call on social movements, the media and other groups to support and protect our and your political rights to organise politically.