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Some second thoughts about Charles Tilly's later books

An attack on social movement research at its best, because it doesn't satisfy the needs of the movements themselves.

The Swedish environmental movements

An attempt to relate the backgrounds and developments of environmental movements in Sweden.

Thousand years of Swedish social movement history

A short essay.

About an insane project, a remarkable uprising and the emergence of a peculiar political tradition

The background of this website.

How peoples' movement force the powers to be serious

An explanation of "good" and "bad" times in the history of industrial society

Long term causes of the weakness of the Social Democrats

Why their present emasculation is no accidence but a result of their successful 30s strategy.

The classical social democracy was above all anti-neoliberal

But it was also rather authoritarian.

Kjell Östberg on the rise and fall of Swedish Social Democracy

More should be needed about the top-down politics that finally brought it down

The "left" as a problem

Among other things, it is useless to define oneself in ideological terms rather than social.

Conspiracies are more trivial than people think

Usually bad things are results of routines gone awry. "Evil men" rarely figure.

More popularism and less morality

Teaching people lessons isn't a very likely way to successes

Kagarlitsky and political apathy

There are a lot of utopian ideologies out there, but no serious strategies

The return of the charlatans

Appearances of Trumps and Berlusconis are a result of the disrupted social relations of a liberal world-order

Why did the protests fail?

Most street protests of the 10s have acieved nothing, or even the opposite of what they wanted. Why?

Only the conservatives can become revolutionaries

That is, only those who have their life based in a world that is disappearing may be desperate enough

GAL-TAN – an old acquaintance

The fight between "traditional" and "modern" is as old as the industrial world.

Real and formal democracy

Two viewpoints from two very different kinds of practices.

What will emerge from the next regime collapse?

Will the old alliance based on equality assert itself? Or will the marginalized elites do it alone and leave the rest of us in the cold?

There is a burning need for programmes

The sectorial, one-issue movements of the late 20th will not do any more.

Enough with identity politics!

Fighting against the decrease of the pie is better than fighting about a decreasing pie.

We must stop supporting the campaigns of the charity bourgeoisie

Battling eachother for the crumbs from the rich man's table won't make people better off.

The world is ruled by compromises – thank God

But of course only compromises among the mobilized.

No cities in world history have been built by popular risings

A recent book by Göran Therborn is found a trifle off the point

About the limitations of spontaneous risings

Spontaneous risings are more efficient at exact demands than at regime change

Approaches in popular movement research

How do professional scholars see popular movements?

Actors, and types of actors

What is the difference betwen e.g. a people's movement and a voluntary organization?

States, capital and popular movements - what is what?

Actors are not "clean": there are instances of one type sliding into something else.

Violent demonstrations don't exist

Usually there are only two or three people using violence

Urban struggle by staking out territory

Some findings about how to avoid gentrification and urban projects

A bloody example

... of something that less dramatically affects many movements

A permissive popular culture beats the best strategies

About not to put all eggs in the same basket

How do we contribute to an intelligent dissident opposition?

Primarily by taking on struggles in order to win

On the inconstancy of morality

And how easily movements that build on moral positioning change positions

When the grapes went sour

Why did the working classes give up on education?


UN conferences on environment and development

A collection of links and texts both on the official summits from Stockholm 1972 to Stockholm 2022 and the parallel movement summits. Read here.



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