Peoples' movements and protests




Last decades' popular movement history





The emergence of popular participation in world politics
An account from a social anthropological angle of the social movement mobilisation before and during the UN conference on human environment in Stockholm 1972.

The emerging global NGO system

An attempt to explain why a much stronger NGO system had less impact on the UN conference on environment and development in Rio 1992.

Summit protests 1968-2002

Including statistics.

World Social Forum and Popular Movements Confronting Globalisation

A short history of social movements, leading up to the global justice movements, Cancún and the Social Forums.

The formation of global political will

A treatise on how collective political projects are formed, included popular ones, with a time-line up to now.

History of the Climate Movement

Including the background and the movement formation journalistic accounts never remember (pdf).

The implosion of walls between movements in reaction to COVID19

Including statistics on different movement organizations' common standpoints.

World Social Forum Revival

A permanent assembly and next in Nepal 2024

The peace conference in Vienna 2023

A step forward from passivity to addressing world majority solutions


UN conferences on environment and development

A collection of links and texts both on the official summits from Stockholm 1972 to Stockholm 2022 and the parallel movement summits. Read here.



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