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Tord Björk: The emergence of popular participation in world politics
An account from a social anthropological angle of the social movement mobilisation before and during the UN conference on human environment in Stockholm 1972.

Tord Björk: The emerging global NGO system

An attempt to explain why a much stronger NGO system had less impact on the UN conference on environment and development in Rio 1992.

Tord Björk: World Social Forum and Popular Movements Confronting Globalisation

A short history of social movements, leading up to the global justice movements, Cancún and the Social Forums.

Tord Björk: The formation of global political will

A treatise on how collective political projects are formed, included popular ones, with a time-line up to now.

Tord Björk: History of the Climate Movement

Including the background and the movement formation journalistic accounts never remember (pdf).

Tord Björk: The implosion of walls between movements in reaction to COVID19

Including statistics on different movement organizations' common standpoints.

Jan Wiklund: Some second thoughts about Charles Tilly's later books

An attack on social movement research at its best, because it doesn't satisfy the needs of the movements themselves.

Jan Wiklund: The Swedish environmental movements

An attempt to relate the backgrounds and developments of environmental movements in Sweden.

Jan Wiklund: The carriers of democracy; the global peoples' movement system

A book project. A global history of peoples' movements the last 2000 years. This English version is a translation.

Jan Wiklund: Thousand years of Swedish social movement history

A short essay in progress.

Jan Wiklund: How peoples' movement force the powers to be serious

An explanation of "good" and "bad" times in the history of industrial society

Jan Wiklund: Long term causes of the weakness of the Social Democrats

Why their present emasculation is no accidence but a result of the successful 30s strategy.


UN conferences on environment and development

A collection of links and texts both on the official summits from Stockholm 1972 to Stockholm 2022 and the parallel movement summits. Read here.



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