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Remembering Nonviolent September 11

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September 11th 2006





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Modern collective nonviolence was born on September 1th 2006 in Transvaal in South Africa when Sheth haji Habib, an Indian muslim, declared he would never obey the new discriminatory pass laws and urged everybody else at a mass meeting to do the same.

A nonviolent mass rebellion against racism and the British empire had started by muslims, hindus and sikhs. Mohandas Gandhi who organised the protest meeting soon developed collective nonviolence as a form for popular movement resistance that since then has spread around the world.

At the 100 year anniversary September 11th 2006 it is time to celebrate a century of struggle against oppression and imperialism. Indian mass popular movements and Gandhi used nonviolence to end british colonialism. Todays empires and social inequalities will be brought to an end with the help of the same mass resistance.

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