Peoples' movements and protests

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Carriers of Democracy

Reclaim Gandhi - Indian-Nordic Encounters 1917 -2006

Literature about peoples' movements

The popular movement tradition - A global history since the year 0

Old movements

Labour movements

Agrarian movements

National movements

Civil rights movements

Women's movements

Peace movements

Environmental movements

Movements for the commons

Total movements

Peoples' movement theory


Last decades' popular movement history

Movement methods

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Carriers of Democracy

Two thousand years of peoples' movement global history. Pdf book of 440 pages in English.

World Social Forum

World Social Forum may get steerage way again? Read more!

Peace in Ukraine?

Will the Vienna meeting create a breakthrough? Read more!

Recent people's movement experiences

- Summit protests, anti-globalization and the movement responses to Covid-19. Read more!

The general strike in Hongkong, the maize sowing in Anenecuilco, and ......

- The defining moments, when a decisive action by a group or a class changed the course of world history. Read more!



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Global and European organizations

Aktuella kampanjer och mobiliseringar

Food sovereignty

Global campaign against military spending

Stop corporate impunity

Committee for abolition of illegitimate debt

Fridays for future

The Climate Movement history

UN Conferences on the Environment – and the counter-conferences

- Links and texts from 1972 to 2022

- The emergent NGO system

The formation of the global political will, 1789-2000s

- How movements formed the world, read more!