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A large demonstration took place at the Opera when the UN conference opened on 5 June. A number of organizations were behind it. The police mobilized everything they had, as a demonstration of strength for this and future demonstrations. A somewhat odd invitation to the demonstration was on this poster with an unknown sender.

Text in English: To all dogs in Stockholm.
Welcome to the Opera House 5 June 1972 at 10.00 to the Swedish Government Welcome Ceremony to bark clearly before the global delegates, television and radio, and cal for our rights to an immediate stop to poisoning
Let the poor cats come too. Even the children with their pets. These so-called ”humans” poison and kill us all.

On June 10, Alternativ Stad rented the main stage in Kungsan with a program that attracted several thousand to the place. When the program ended, everyone was asked to join a demonstration on Arsenalsgatan. It was a sit-in that completely closed the street. It was not long before the police were there with their dog and horse forces and in the face of that superiority, the demonstration broke up to avoid bloodshed.

One action that never materialized was the Powwow group's plans to occupy the nearby Skeppsholmen in order to proclaim a ”People's Free Republic” where environmentally damaging activities such as driving would be banned. However, the police moved one of their headquarters to Skeppsholmen so the operation could not be carried out. Here is a longer inspirational text in English that was written while the plans were in progress. Here is the same text as pdf.

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