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Powwow grouppen

Teac-hin on ecology 16.4.1972



s early as April, Powwow arranged a teach-in on ecology, which was then a fairly new concept in the debate. The program points at ABF in Stockholm were:

10.00 Introduction / Rolf Jacobsson
11.00 Air pollution, acidification of fresh water / Henning Rodhe
12.00 Ecosystem in the sea / Björn Ganning
13.15 Lunch
14.45 The role of man in the ecosystem / Birgitta Carlberg
15.30 Nature reserve - reference areas / Alf Johnels
16.30 Ecology in other countries - third world special problems / Jan Fjellander

For the documentation (above) there was a short course on ecology and how changes in the food chains affect the constituent organisms. There was also an essay on how people affect the systems with the special case of erosion in Uttar Pradesh in India.


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