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Per Janse, Ann Zacharias and Björn Eriksson from the Powwow group talk at the Gärdet party in 1971 about the forthcoming UN conference and why it seemed insufficient


The Powwow group was formed from the circles that organized the environmental camp in Stockholm in 1967 and the International Traffic Revolution in 1970, with new additions as the conference approached.

The Powwow group formulated a call in Swedish and English, which was broadcast widely. There, everyone who wanted to participate was invited to participate in the discussion and organize local activities during World Environment Day. The call permeated much of what was going on in parallel with the UN conference, activities that aroused the interest of the world media and gave the message global wings.
In this appeal, there are expressions and attitudes that are quite common today. At this time, however, the environmental issue was often reduced to issues of emissions and sewage. Here, a holistic approach was taken on how all economic growth must be defined, on how the gaps in the world were linked to environmental problems and on how a general commitment from all citizens in all countries was necessary if the future of humanity were to look brighter.

One of the more prominent voices in the Powwow group was the late Björn Eriksson. This civil engineer, with his daily activities at the Royal Academy of the Engineering Sciences together with members of parliament and researchers, also took a bold part in the alternative activities. With his great overall knowledge and insights into the real causes of environmental problems and his clear-sighted visions of what needed to be done, always emphasizing the broad participation of everyone, he came to play an important role throughout the process until June 1972.

The Powwow group took some of their own initiatives, such as an exhibition at the Moderna Museet on environmentally friendly technology and the Olympics of Pollution. In addition, they participated in initiatives for broad activities that got their own profile and mover, as June 72 approached; The Oi group, which was organized by environmental researchers in developing countries, the Folkets Forum conference in the ABF building, and actions for the urban environment arranged by the local environmental group Alternativ Stad. In April, they arranged a teachin on ecology at ABF in Stockholm. The Powwow group came into contact with a number of additional, more or less interesting, initiatives. They could be informed about at a press center that was on site, when the media and others flocked to Stockholm.

Writings from Powwow:

Do not trust the UN and Powwow's flyers Our planet is being desecrated

Flyer UN Conference - accomplishments and shortcomings from June 1972

Reconstruction of Powwow Newsletter from April 1972.

Flyer Ecology and revolution

From the planning:

Invitation to information meeting 26.10.1971

Minutes from meeting 13.4.1972

Minutes from meeting 20.4.1972

Below: Roland von Malmborg sings at Powwow meeting at Åsö gymnasium in the autumn of 1971 before the UN conference




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