Stockholm 1972
- The official scene 1972
- The origin of the alternative initiatives
- Powwow
- Powwow teach-in
- Alternative technology
- Olympics in environmental degradation
- The Oi group, critical South researchers
- People’s Forum, independent conferences in the ABF building
- Alternative sightseeing tours
- Environmental forum
- Dai Dong
- Actions
- Simultaneous parallel activities in other countries
- Results
- Other
- Document
Rio de Janeiro 1992
Johannesburg 2002
Rio de Janeiro 2012
- Stockholm 2012
Stockholm 2022
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Documents 1972



Essays on Stockholm 72 and the alternative initiatives

Tord Björk: The emergency of popular participation in world politics
Peter Nilsson: NGO involvement in the UN Conference on the Human
Environment in Stockholm 1972

Pdf documentation about Stockholm + 40

Before the conference

The Hamilton Documents, from the conference where the Oi group was formed. Front page of the document

For a Critical and Holistic Approach to Development and the Human Environment, Oi Committee Declaration

A private citizen (?) made a catalog for the events and some tourist tips in the brochure Open Options. Here is a word file with the tourist tips removed

Folkets Forum

Final declaration






Publicerad av Folkrörelsestudiegruppen: