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Dai Dong



Dai Dong was an initiative of the Christian peace movement organization Fellowship of reconciliation, and functioned in the years leading up to the Stockholm Conference. They had their own event at Graninge Stiftsgård in Saltsjö-Boo and at the ABF building. Four groups discussed the relationship between the environment and development, the conflicts needed to break down ideological barriers, the environment and the military, and issues of organization and government, with regard to the presence of great powers and large corporations with their own agendas.

Dai Dong means Great Togetherness in Vietnamese.

Among the participants were e.g. Samir Amin, Taghi Farvar (also important in the Oi group), Jun Ui, Roel van Duyn, Bengt Hubendick and Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen.

Here is more material about Dai Dong.

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