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The Rio Conference
UNSCD 2012
United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development




The UCSD was never intended to adopt any action plans or treaties between states. Consequently, the final declaration was so vague that few were happy with it. The main purpose was to replace the criticized millennium goals<LÄNK> with so-called sustainable development goals that everyone could agree on, but of course it was difficult to find something concrete that both rich and poor countries - and also the oil producers - could like.

However, some reforms were decided. The UN Environment Agency UNEP received a larger budget and competing bodies were abolished. All states also joined UNEP, which may give it greater weight.

And thanks to the inability to agree on anything concrete, the principle of market governance was also driven less rabidly than at the 1992 conference; everyone's right to participate in development was recognized.

The parallel popular movement meeting, Cúpula dos Povos with 15,000 participants, was possibly the most ambitious ever, thanks to the resources of Vía Campesina's Brazilian organization Movimento Sem Terra. Five plenary sessions dealt with environmental justice, defense of the commons and opposition to the privatization of nature, food sovereignty, energy and extraction, as well as a different economy and a different paradigm for society. In turn, these led to further plenary sessions; the habit of cherry-picking was therefore overcome to some extent.


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