Stockholm 1972
- The official scene 1972
- The origin of the alternative initiatives
- Powwow
- Powwow teach-in
- Alternative technology
- Olympics in environmental degradation
- The Oi group, critical South researchers
- People’s Forum, independent conferences in the ABF building
- Alternative sightseeing tours
- Environmental forum
- Dai Dong
- Actions
- Simultaneous parallel activities in other countries
- Results
- Other
- Document
Rio de Janeiro 1992
Johannesburg 2002
Rio de Janeiro 2012
- Stockholm 2012
Stockholm 2022
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A UN conference is planned for Stockholm in June. Not much content seems to be planned according to the official website.

Of course, different social movement meetings will take place to discuss what should be done. Stay tuned. Please see the websites of the arranging parties.



The official website

Folkets Forum för miljö och rättvisa / Peples' Forum for environment and justice


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