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The Oi group,
critical developing country researchers


Taghi Farvar and Jan Fjellander from the Oi committee on teach-in at the ABF building in the spring of 1972


The Oi group was formed at a meeting of young researchers in Hamilton, Canada, in 1971, where the groups from the environmental summer camp in Stockholm in 1967 and the International Traffic Revolution participated.

A focus for the meeting was the so-called Green Revolution, i.e the agricultural technology that spread in the southern countries in the 60s and where chemicals and lots of water were necessary elements, and where indebtedness, poisoning and eviction of small farmers became equally necessary consequences.

The Hamilton report can be seen as the first serious international environmental movement document, and gained great importance before the Stockholm event. Among other things, it was presented at a teachin at ABF Stockholm in March 1972. Then it was unfortunately forgotten.

A key person in Sweden and in the Powwow group was Jan Fjellander (radioman and research coordinator, etc.), who also ensured that Miljöforum had a broader global representation than intended.

Also read the Oi group's program statement.

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