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Alternative City participation.
Alternative sightseeing tours


Some individuals in Alternative City had participated during their origins in Powwow (including Ingrid Eriksson and Per Janse). As June 1972 approached, the entire organization also began to organize. They held an open house for speeches and performances in Kungsträdgården, arranged free lending of white bicycles (after an idea from Amsterdam) and arranged sightseeing tours around Stockholm among traffic carousels and demolition blocks (Stockholm City was at that time just a pit that would provide space for it is a car-sucking office and shopping complex, a “functional” city according to Stockholm’s municipal politicians).

The bus was powered by biogas, an almost exotic fuel at the time.


Alternative sightseeing - poster 1

Alternative sightseeing - poster 2

Invitation to the press

Invitation to sight-seeing tour by bike

Script for the sightseeing tour

Story about the sightseeing tour

The sightseeing organization

Planning papers

Love letter to the UN rental bikes


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